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Concrete Boom Pump

56M Truck.jpg

Concrete Pump Spec's

Style: Z-Fold
Number Of Sections: 5

Vertical Reach: 182'7" (55.7m)
Horizontal Reach: 170'6" (52m)

Boom Unfolding Height: 31'8" (9.7m)
Outrigger Setup Area (Squared): 41' x 36'1" (12.5m x 11m)
Outrigger Spread (Front Of Truck): 31' (9.4m)
Outrigger Spread (Rear Of Truck): 31'6"' (12.5m)
Max Outrigger Weight: 88,186 lbs (40,000 kg) 

Truck Spec's (Driving Dimensions)

Truck Length: 49'5" (15m)
Truck Height: 13' (4m)
Front Axle Weight: 39,292 lbs (17,860 kg)
Rear Axle Weight: 56,208 lbs (25,549 kg)
Aproximate Total Weight: 95,500 lbs (43,409 kg)

56M Boom.jpg

To schedule a pump

Simply give us a call at

(801) 763-1339

Office Hours

6am — 5pm   Monday to Friday


States we serve

We are stationed in Utah County, but we also travel outside the borders of Utah for those that need us in the surrounding states: Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona.

Typically we are running up and down Utah pumping concrete day in and day out. But every now and then we get a job outside the scope of Utah, To which were are happy to do what we can to fulfill. If your located in any of Utah’s surrounding states, give us a call, we’ll do what we can to get there!

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